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Attorney Services

Many real estate appraisers are anxious about even touching litigation work, but Property One Appraisals specializes in real estate appraisal services for attorneys.

Legal needs:

Divorce Proceedings - Property Settlement: Determining fair market value for these cases is the most common reason for an attorney needing an appraiser. We can recommend the fastest, least expensive and most effective solution for accurate documentation to be used in court.

Litigation Support: Appraisals that are not competently developed can be discredited easily in court. You need a yardstick for appraiser experience. A member of the Chamber of Commerce and Appraisal Institute, Richard Binkowski, president of Property One, is a former real estate agent (and current member of the National Association of Realtors) with two decades of industry experience in the Southern New York area. 

Expert Witness: At any given time, Property One has 8-10 staff appraisers working throughout the Southern New York area. Where other law firms and attorneys may be at the mercy of a single appraiser's schedule, with Property One, we're backed by a team. A senior appraiser can testify, while staff appraisers take the field work.

Bail Bonds: Often expedited appraisals on private property are needed when a client is incarcerated. We offer some of the fastest turnaround times possible for just such situations. Do you have an appraiser contact with that level of responsiveness?

Estate Appraisals: An executor needs solid numbers to meet IRS and state agency requirements. Your client needs an appraiser to handle this documentation with sensitivity and speed. An experienced team of estate appraisers is standing by to act on behalf of your client.

Other: Condemnation Appraisals, Assessment Appeal, Date of Death Valuations, and other legal oriented appraisal work. If you have a need, call us and be surprised at how efficiently we can accommodate your law office's needs.

Your law firm receives:

  • A TRUE NEW YORK MINUTE: We offer expedited turn around times and can have a report back within 24 hours if necessary.  No additional fees. We can set up same day inspections for repeat clients.
  • PRO-ACTIVE COMMUNICATION: We keep the client up-dated every day with all status changes.
  • LITIGATION CONSCIOUS TEAM: We understand the need for accurate documentation that resists challenge in litigation.
  • TESTIMONY AVAILABLE: We can provide expert testimony if needed, where other appraisal firms only do appraisals.
  • NEW YORK SPECIALISTS: State Certified and FHA Approved, Property One Appraisals provides appraisals in Southern New York, including Mid Hudson region. Counties served are: Orange County, Rockland County, Dutchess County, Ulster County, Putnam County, Westchester County, Queens County, Bronx County, Nassau County and Suffolk County, NY.

Try this very quick exercise: Grab your favorite pen. Now take a quick moment to write down the number for litigation specialists who know the Southern New York area thoroughly enough, and understand the needs of attorneys well enough, to be your first call. While other attorneys are throwing a dart at the phone book, you'll have attorney-driven appraisers one phone call or e-mail away.

Sincerely, Richard Binkowski
Property One Appraisals
Phone: 845-343-9100
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